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In These Times … A Message from the President

I can’t breathe.  I can’t breathe.  Mom. Mom.  I can’t breathe.

As a mother myself, these words bring instant panic, fear and reaction.  If I saw my son, my brother, my nephew, my cousin voicing these words on news feed over and over again, those instant reactions would ultimately move into raging anger.

That’s what we see in our streets repeated all over this country.  Chester County OIC wishes to bring honor to the name of George Floyd and so many like him, who have lost their lives in the struggle of being Black or of color in America.

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Congratulations to one of our Intermediate English as a Second Language students!

PA Department of Corrections Executive Deputy Secretary, John Wetzel visited with various OIC affiliate leaders at the Philadelphia OIC on June 22nd.

Fatumata started as a beginner and has progressed to the Intermediate Level of ESL. She came to class last night and proudly showed her instructor a letter from her employer , Hampton Inn in Downingtown.

Hampton Inn recognized Fatumata for “dedication to your responsibilities …” She has been selected as the Champion of the Month.

And as she showed us the letter, she told her classmates that when she first came to OIC she couldn’t speak any English!

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