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To be leaders in improving the lives of disadvantaged adults by creating educational and employment opportunities.


Opening opportunities for individuals to prepare for sustainable employment and financial independence through education, training and support services.

About OIC founder

Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan

CC-OIC is an independent agency affiliated with OICA – Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America. OICA was founded in 1964 in Philadelphia by the Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan, a well-respected and beloved minister, fought for social justice all of his life. Self-reliance was Dr. Sullivan’s adage, and it remains the goal of OIC affiliates internationally.

At Chester County OIC, we continue his battle against injustice and discrimination through education and life skills training. Specifically developed programs serve clients and students classified as low-income or disadvantaged. The ESL students represent 19 different native languages. Chester County OIC continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the county, students and clients.


Chester County Opportunities Industrialization Center is a non-profit community- based organization that has been meeting the needs of the economically disadvantaged individuals throughout the community. 


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