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Asst. Clinical Instructor

Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program

Position Summary:
Under the supervision of the President & CEO and the Nurse Aide Training Program Director/Primary Instructor, the Assistant Clinical Instructor is responsible to assist the Program Director/Primary Instructor in the implementation and evaluation of the NATCEP.
The Assistant Clinical Instructor assists the Primary Instructor in teaching individuals to perform competently in the delivery of safe and effective resident care. The Assistant Clinical Instructor assists the Primary Instructor in classroom theory, lab skills training and at the clinical site. The Assistant Clinical Instructor is supervised by the Primary Instructor.
The Assistant Clinical Instructor will contribute to ensuring the integrity of the facility and program. The Assistant Clinical Instructor will maintain the lab, supplies and participate in the program review. The Assistant Clinical Instructor will participate in the PDE-BCTE on-site monitoring review. Along with the Primary Instructor, the Assistant Instructor will assist the Program Director in preparation and coordination of the State Competency Exam according to the guidelines for on-site testing.
• Carry out the Nurse Aide Program according to CC-OIC philosophy and policy, PDE and OBRA regulations.
• Assist to plan, implement and update programs for NATCEP with approval from the Program Director.
• Provide oversight of supplies and facility as needed to accomplish the objectives of the classroom and clinical experience.
• Provide instruction for all NATCEP trainees. Instruct, supervise and evaluate students in the classroom and clinical areas. Teach up to 49% of the program. Monitor and evaluate the clinical experience of the trainees.
• Counsel and guide trainees in job-related educational needs.
• Secure, maintain and review trainees’ class records in accordance with CCOIC and PDE regulations.
• Attend appropriate continuing education and professional development programs to maintain competency and licensing.
Additional duties and responsibilities as required by the Program Director/Primary Instructor and/or President & CEO.
Position requirements:
• LPN with current PA license
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience of long term care experience, preferably in a leadership position
• Certificate from the Penn State Teaching the Educator Workshop
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