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“I Am OIC” Emily’s Story

The “I am OIC” program started a few years ago and continues to be a powerful way for our clients, staff, donors and volunteers to express why they are a part of the OIC family. The following is a story submitted by Emily as she recounts her experience influencing lives and careers at OIC:

“I am OIC because I believe everyone has the right to opportunity and education and OIC is an organization dedicate to providing both our local community. I celebrate being part of a place that touches so many people’s lives. OIC helps our clients grow into their best selves – as employees, as citizens, as caregivers – and take this growth back to their family and friends to form a healthier, more positive community.”

“I am successful because…I am OIC!”

If you have been touched by OIC we would love to hear your story on how you are a member of the “I am OIC” family. Please email and include your full name and a paragraph on your experience. If you are comfortable please also attach a picture of yourself, note that testimonials may be included in OIC’s social media program and website.

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