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 Phoenixville Youth Initiative Participant Highlights

community day


“Because of the Phoenixville Youth Initiative, I learned the importance of civic engagement and am now more involved with my community …. It also provided me with the opportunity to face and conquer that fear of reading aloud”

Emma Dolan worked with various programs at the YMCA. She helped facilitate the day camp activities, taught in the childcare facility, and performed front-desk duties at the registration desk. Emma developed many skills at the YMCA including her most notable experience of working well under pressure and effectively dealing with difficult people.


“My confidence level is very high, thanks to the program!”

Gillian Stinson worked as an Art Assistant at Phoenix Village Art Center. Gillian assisted the art teacher in the classroom and performed many other duties in the art gallery. Gillian experience a lot of personal growth and cultivated her leadership and problem-solving skills. In sharing a story about a difficult student at work she stated:

“I was able to successfully deal with the kids, mainly the boy, without having to ask for help or sending him to time-out. I was able to get him to focus and work. Normally, we all have to gather together to come up with some methods to control him as a staff. However, I was able to take care of him on my own in this situation.”


“One of my greatest accomplishments in the program was learning how to take responsibility”

Tyshawn Thomas was a camp counselor for PAPA’s Summer Camp program. TyShawn worked with children from grades 1-5 and assisted with the daily camp activities.


“I’ve learned and grown so much in this program and have become some close to everyone — we are like family!”

Meghan Webster worked as a Customer Service Associate at Scargill McClurken Insurance. She performed general office duties, data entry and assisted in answering phones. Meghan gained valuable knowledge of the insurance industry. She also learned about stress management and effective communication. Meghan now works full time for Scargill McClurken Insurance.